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The Weifang Tainuo chemical industry Limited company is located in “the world kite” - - Weifang, south near the rubber Jinan railroad, north depends on 309 federal highways, the blue silver highway, the geographical position is superior, the traffic conditions are convenient. in 2006 sets up with joint forces by the original Shandong four stars in the bowl of the big dipper specialized team, is domestic devotes to the development green environmental protection safety product for the mission specialty company.



Is there any toxicity of melamine tableware?

In our country, there is a special standard requirement for melamine tableware manufacturing technology. It is stipulated that melamine powder (melamine formaldehyde resin) must be used as the base material and a cellulose as the base material. Melamine tableware made according to the national stand



Storage of SCR Urea

1. Pay attention to the storage and operation environment of vehicle urea solution. Clean and clean the environment of vehicle urea solution. If vehicle urea solution is stored in a dusty place, it will pollute vehicle urea and reduce its concentration. There will also be insoluble substances. So fo



Application of Melamine in the field of Polyurethane Foam

Melamine is an incombustible raw material, easy to sublimate by heating, and will be decomposed by rapid heating. It can be an excellent flame retardant, mainly because it decomposes at 250-450 ℃ and absorbs a lot of heat and release ammonia and form various polycondersates,this character can affect



Weifang Tainuo Chemical attended ICIF CHINA 2018

2018年(第十七届)中国国际化工展览会(ICIF CHINA)于9月19日-21日在上海新国际博览中心隆重举行,展品覆盖了基础化学品,精细化学品,化学品储运与包装,石油化工及新能源,化工技术与装备和智慧化工创新环保等上下游领域。本届展会规模80000平方米,参展企业近2000家,吸引了来自全球60多个国家和地区的90000余名观众参观。泰诺化工展位位于精细化学品展区,重点展示了三聚氰胺,尿素,亚硝酸钠,硝酸钠及季戊四醇,己二酸,乙二醇等产品,接待了来自于印度,智利,韩国,日本等国家的近百名客户,并与同行业的其他展商进行了沟通和交流。本次展会,不仅是对我们产品和品牌的一次宣传,也是对我们的经营

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