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Weifang Taino Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the "world kite capital" - Weifang, adjacent to Jiaoji Railway to the south, near to State Road 309 and QingYin Expressway to the north. It has great strategic location as well as convenient traffic conditions. The company is established by the professional team from former Shandong Kuixing and committed to the development of green environmental friendly products.

"A promise as Taishan, our word carries weight." Let us accompany counterparts and create excellence!

Enterprise prospect

Based on the concept of honesty, we are committed to promoting the value of the melamine industrial chain and becoming a leader in the industry.

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Our Mission: Promise as Taishan, commit to China's green forestry environmental safety
Our Philosophy: integrity, cooperation, excellence and achieving win-win

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Tainuo Advantage


 In the philosophy of “create value for customers, develop together with customers”, we will cooperate with
customers sincerely for common development. 
Powerful melamine technical expert and sales team
Complete industrial chain and strong technical support to build low cost and high quality products
Implement amoeba management mode to maximize enterprise profit
Build efficient storage and logistics system based on superior geographical location

Tainuo Service

Since long we have been focusing on research, development and management of melamine and its surrounding industrial chain, with our clients all over the country and also spreading across Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and other regions. Taino has become a strong supplier and exporter of melamine and its related products in China, relying on stable quality and excellent service.

"A promise as Taishan, our word carries weight." Let us accompany counterparts and create excellence!
Leading technology, stable quality?We own the unique intellectual property rights for the entire production process from dissolution of phosphate rock to production of nitrate fertilizer using distributed control systems (DCS) to ensure stable quality. Balanced nutrients, significant yield increase?Our formulations contains high content of water soluble phosphorus, trace and beneficial elements which guarantee balanced nutrients absorption for the crop and improves the flowering and setting percentage. Compared with conventional CF, it can increase yield by 8-25%. Excellent quality?Builds stronger root and improves fruit development, increasing the protein and soluble vitamin content offering good taste and color. Improved resistance?Enhances plant’s ability for disease resistance and cold tolerance
Molecular formula: C3N6H6. C3N3 (NH2)3 Weight : 126.12 CAS No.: 108-78-1 EINECS No:203-615-4 Physical capability: White crystal powder, innoxious, flavorless. Relative density: 1570kg/m3 Melting point: It be melt under 354℃ under ordinary pressure. Sublimation temperature: 300℃ Dissolvability: It can dissolve in carbinol, formaldehyde, acetic acid, hot glycol, glycerin, pyridine; it lightly dissolve in water, ethanol; it cannot dissolve aether, benzene, and carbon tetrachloride. Its water solution presents alkalescence. Chemical Capability: Melamine presents alkalescence, can react with various acidums to generate melamine salt. In strong acid or strong alkali liquor, melamine will hydrolyze---amidocyanogen will be slowly replaced by hydroxyl, thus generate cyanuric acid diacid amide, cyanuric acid monamide, and cyanuric acid. Among them, the reaction of melamine and formalin is the most important part. Packaging: The net weight has 25kg, 500kg, and 1000kg.
Solid caustic soda(ionic memebrance ,chemical fiber ,high-purity,food additives): Flake or pearl,Formular: NaOH ,Specific Gravity::2.12,Strong alkali, easy moisture absorption, strong corrosive to skin, clothing and so on, easy to absorb the carbon dioxide generated sodium carbonate in the air. when storaging,it must be dry, clean air, no pollution, packaging issolated from air Liquid caustic soda (ionic membrane, chemical fiber, high purity, food additives) is colorless transparent solution. strong corrosive.to the skin, the fabric, paper. Packing: Solid Caustic Soda: flake: net 25kg PP/PE woven bag with liner ; pearl: net 25kg PP/PE woven bag with liner; As per buyer ,bin bag is used Liquid caustic soda: Storage Tank
Application 1. farm chemical: composite acetochlor, butachlor, ect 2. paint: composite high-end automobile paint 3. resin: composite urea resin, phenolic resin, ect. and various adhesives 4. papermaking: composite paper intensifier 5. casting: casting remover and adhesive of casting synthesis 6. cultivation industry: fumigation disinfectant 7. Organic raw materials: for the production of glycerol, crylic acid, and so on. 8. others: medicine and disinfection
Molecular Formula: CO (NH2)2 Molecular Weight: 60.055 Property: Urea is also called carbamide. It is soluble in water and alcohol. Its water solubility is faintly alkaline. It decomposes when heated over fusing point. Under high temperature, it can undergo a condensation reaction and form biuret, triuret and polyhydrocyanic acid. It is an ideal neutral and fast-effective fertilizer, but can also be used as fodder for ruminant animals. It is also used as raw material for urea-formaldehyde resin, plastics, paint, adhesion agent, and for pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries. In addition, it is used as an additive to raffinate solvent, fiber softening agent, and explosive stabilizer. Properties: Urea is a kind of white prilled crystal. Specification: N≥46% Quality standard: GB2440-2001
Properties of technical sodium nitrite: white to light yellow powder. It breaks down if heated to above 320℃, breaks up into brown dinitrogen trioxide gas in contact with weak acid and it is inflammable and explosive in contact with organic matters and gives off toxic and irritant nitrogen peroxide and nitric oxide gases. Half lethal dose (rat, per os) is 180mg/kg. Uses: this product is mainly used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. In pharmaceutical industry, it can be used in pharmaceutical and pesticide industry; in chemical industry, sodium nitrite is mainly used in producing nitromethane and 1,2-aminoazophenylene. Moreover, it can also be used in heat treatment of metal, early strength agent of cement, antifreezing agent, and etc. Packing: 1000kg/bag 50kg/bag 25kg/bag Technical standard: GB2367-2006
Uses: The product functions as raw material for fluxing agent, oxidizing agent and enamel powder in enamel industry. In glass industry, it can be used as decolorizing agent, antifoaming agent, clarifying agent, and fluxing agent for glasses and glass products. In inorganic industry, it can be used as decolorizing agent for molten caustic soda and in producing other nitrates. In food industry, it can be used as colour former for meat processing. In fertilizer industry, it can be used as quick-acting fertilizer for acid soil. In dyestuff industry, it functions as raw material for producing picric acid and dyestuffs. In metallurgical industry, it can be used as heat treatment agent for steel-making and aluminium alloy. Packing: 1000kg/bag 50kg/bag 25kg/bag
"A promise as Taishan, our word carries weight." Let us accompany counterparts and create excellence!

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